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    AYO Media offers high quality web development Newcastle. At AYO Media we pride ourselves on our web development and effective new media software solutions. We are primarily a Newcastle web development agency which is the generic term given to companies in our industry; however we like to be known as a digital agency as we deliver bespoke software solutions which help our clients drive their digital strategy.

    Along with web development, web design and software development, we also provide web hosting and online branding.

  • Web Development

    At AYO Media, we understand that a company website is an essential marketing tool for any business – growing or established. It’s the primary source of information for any potential customers, and a regular ‘stop-off point’ for existing customers.

    A well developed website can be used to introduce a business, its services, the latest offers and products, staff, news and individual contact details. Think of it as a spokesperson for your brand. You need it to reflect your business values.

    With that in mind, the first thing you need is reliability. That’s why all of our web development is based around a framework of Microsoft technologies and the Unified Process. This involves building applications in C# and SQL Server databases.

    Every website we create is powered by our Content Management System (CMS). This allows our clients to manage and maintain their own site content without any additional cost. So whether you want to add news stories, new projects or staff details, the control is in your hands – that’s another benefit of coming to AYO Media for your web development.

    We are building a smarter web.

  • Web Application

    Creating unique web applications is one of AYO Media’s specialties. By discovering more about your requirements from the offset, we can create a unique application that works around your business model and delivers results.

    But that’s just the start. Because all applications we deliver are developed using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). To put this in simple terms, they are both scalable and flexible, which means they will grow with your business and can be extended into the public domain if required.

    With AYO Media, you get a digital partner you can grow with.

    We are building a smarter web.

  • Ecommerce

    Everyone buys online today. That’s why ecommerce is an essential part of any growing or established business. Providing your customers with a seamless online shopping service is just as important as traditional high street customer service – do it well and the word will spread, make a mess of it and you’ll lose a sale, and a potential long-term customer.

    AYO Media provides the highest level of ecommerce development in the North East. We focus on usability, accessibility, semantics and sales conversion, in other words, a seamless customer experience.

    In order to maximise the sales pipeline for your business, we provide our clients with a number of powerful ecommerce tools, including:

    • Product, order and customer management
    • Discount codes
    • Email newsletters
    • Twitter Integration
    • Google shopping integration 
    • Online Marketing

      Any business with an online presence should constantly be looking to drive traffic to their site. And that’s where AYO Media’s online marketing and SEO services come into their own.

      Our team of online marketing specialists can help build any necessary online relationships needed to boost your web-based business profile. In addition, we can also create unforgettable online campaigns that will help promote your products and services.

      Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services include:

      • Onsite optimisation (Meta-data, Semantics, URL rewriting and content structure)
      • Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns
      • Google Adwords
      • Link Building
      • Social Networking
      • Blogging
      • Online PR 
    • Branding

      It’s one thing to have a website that works wonderfully well, it’s another to make sure it looks incredible too. Your site needs to reflect your brand. Think of it as virtual member of staff – first impressions really do count.

      So when it comes to the branding of the site and your business, you can call on AYO Media to deliver a seamless site that visually blows your socks off.

      From the brand identity, to website design, to strapline creation and full site copy, through to banner ads, we can bring your brand to life. We will drum your core messages home, convert visitors to customers and deliver the results you desperately want.

      Online branding is an essential part of any web development project and can help make or break a digital product or service. AYO Media will ensure you get it right.

    • Virtualisation

      AYO Media has expanded its web development services by becoming a Citrix Solution Advisor.

      Citrix is a multinational corporation producing remote access software. Specialising in visualisation, centralisation and optimization, the IT giant whose customers include 99 percent of Fortune Global 500 enterprises, has revolutionised computing by providing innovative and simplified alternatives to traditional computing.

      And we are proud to be part of their trusted team.

      For more information, please visit www.citrix.com.