The Barre


The Barre


The name "The Barre" derives from the rail used during ballet warm up exercises and the term also refers to the exercises that are performed at the barré. However, don’t let the origin of the name delude you with visions of an easy routine exercise class; the Barre workout is here to seriously improve your body!

Web Development

The Barre team approached AYO Media to design and develop the website and the branding for their new business. The website was required to provide a level of interaction between The Barre and their customers, informing them of classes, special offers and allowing them to book online via an integrated booking system. Regular progress meetings and a high level of communication were essential with the client as they understood the way we worked and had a clear idea of their requirements for this project.

AYO Media's web development team delivered an online solution where expectations were met and often exceeded as a result of the collaborative journey. We look forward to helping The Barre with their future ventures.

Online Marketing

Following a successful experience with AYO Media on The Barre web project, Natalie Catlah worked with our SEO team to help drive the online bookings and awareness of the Barre Workout in Newcastle.

AYO Media, providing web development in Newcastle, worked on a number of seperate online marketing campaigns to help maximise the brand online, promoting The Barre for keywords such as workout newcastle – achieving number one in google for this search term. This campaign involved using a number of SEO techniques and conducting intensive research into the core messages of the Barre business.

We officially launched on July 4th and in less than a week we had such amazing feedback from our growing client base about our website, we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Natalie Catlah Managing Director