Tipstar Launches

A Tipstar is born


AYO Media is proud to announce the beta launch of the Tipstar website.

Tipstar Limited recently received £150,000 of seed investment to develop the concept and get the product to market. Tipstar aims to become the single web service that sports betters use to consume sports data and make more informed betting decisions. It is scheduled for just under two months of public beta testing before its official launch which will see further products and services added to the site as it evolves to satisfy the ever growing sports betting industry.

The appeal of Tipstar outstretches far beyond the hardcore sports better as it displays data in a user friendly format and acts as a platform where professional tipsters and the general public can interact and share knowledge.

Technical Director Kevin Reece commented We are delighted to finally have the site in the public domain after months of hard work. We are very keen to receive feedback from our professional user groups as well as the general public during this test period , this will help us to further improve the offering for when Tipstar officially goes live in August.

Tipstar is in public beta now please visit to see more.