After raising £2M of investment, Young Entrepreneur Andie Stokoe approached AYO Media to deliver his new online platform called Zuva.

Zuva is a UK based utility provider which supplies gas, electricity, water, landlines and broadband to residential properties throughout the UK.

Specifically targeted towards the house sharing market, Zuva allows individuals within a property to only be billed for their proportion of the bill. So if you live in a house of four, you will only be asked to pay for your quarter of the house bills, that's about as simple as it gets.

It's a very simple solution for a very big problem!

Web Application

AYO Media designed a database model of the business workflow – capturing all elements of the process from sign-up, service selection, mandate generation to contracts and activation.

Users of the Zuva platform can even send their readings via SMS, the system receives this text message and separates out the relevant information ensuring that the household receives an accurate bill instead of an estimate.


Like the name, Zuva required a unique brand – something loud and aesthetically brilliant to appeal to their target audience.

Due to the nature of their business they required credibility from inception and it was essential to create a brand that endorsed as well as re-enforce the public’s trust in the company.