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Rob Mathieson - Managing Director

Rob has worked in the web industry for seven years and has an unrivalled knowledge of the internet practices and trends.

He specialises in the application of standards, best practice and quality assurance within all our web solutions.

Tony Olanipekun - Marketing Director

Whether you realise it or not, you probably already know Tony!

He brings eight years of marketing expertise to the business and offers marketing consultancy to businesses looking to push their online presence.

Kevin Reece - Technical Director

As Technical Director, Kevin takes responsibility for all aspects of the project developments at AYO.

As a keen Microsoft developer, he has an appreciation for commercial grade software that is robust and reliable.

The AYO Media Team

The AYO Media team is made up of some of the most talented developers, designers and marketers in the North East of England.

With over seven years of web experience and having developed systems for some of the UK’s largest organisations, the team is now focusing all its knowledge and skills into building a series of unrivalled web applications for its clients.