Whats been 'appening at AYO Media

Whats been 'appening at AYO Media


Apps, apps and more apps! Whether it’s mobile apps, web apps, iPhone apps or iPad apps, over the past 2/3 months AYO Media has been hard at work developing applications for our business clients.

 AYO Media prides itself on being a company at the forefront of technology. Working with forward thinking companies such as Utilitiesin1.com, AAF Ltd and Tipstar has given us the opportunity to develop applications on the latest devices and use the latest technologies whilst doing so.

AYO Media are currently working on an iPad application, as well as a Proof of Concept multiplatform mobile device application.

As mobile integration has become a key communication tool within most businesses, we recently delivered a mobile SMS service for Utilitiesin1.com which enables their customers to text in their gas and electricity meter readings. Once received the text message is broken down and the individual values were automatically logged into the database and an estimate bill can be generated off the back of this process.

The future will see AYO Media developing more apps on the popular business mobile devices as well as developing web based software for the desktop and laptop.

Kevin Reece, Technical Director at AYO Media commented:

“We are proud of the groundbreaking applications that we are delivering for our clients; both the functionality and the user interface design of these products are second to none!  Alongside our web development, we are develop products that really make a difference, helping businesses perform better, saving both time and money! We look forward to delivering more of these wonderful apps in the future!”