AYO kicks off the new season with Sportpool


Betting enthusiasts at Sportpool approached AYO Media with a highly demanding project and an equally ambitious deadline for its delivery.

The client requested an August launch for the sports pools website, in time for the beginning of the 2010/2011 football season. This tight deadline only gave the AYO Media development team 3 months to deliver a fully tested and fully functional web application.

AYO Media worked in partnership with Keltie Cochrane, who created the user interface design and the Sportpool brand to deliver a unique pool betting website dedicated to multiple sports.

Sportpool is the first multi-sport pool betting operator in the UK, operating exclusively online. The system combines live sporting events, fund raising and the excitement associated with the potential to win large sums of money from a £2 stake.

As well as running the prediction competition a percentage of the profits generated by the pool is donated to various good causes. Good causes can be suggested by people who have signed up to play sport six and money is won by individual who correctly predict four, five or six outcomes from the six multiple choice questions.

Jackpot winners who predict all six questions correctly will have a share of the minimum £10,000 jackpot. SportSix is the first of many games that will be offered by the Sportpool team; future plans for this product involve more games, an SMS service and mobile device development.