AYO makes sure the bubbly is secure

AYO makes sure the bubbly is secure


Lovely Bubbly specialises in supplying hard to find, hand-crafted Champagnes, boasting a long list of prestigious clients which includes the Tanfield Group, Namco Europe and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Providing superb quality at affordable prices from family-run vineyards Lovely Bubbly has a very successful online business.

AYO Media were asked to provide the Tyneside business with security consultancy to help safeguard their website from potential attacks. As an e-commerce business, Lovely Bubbly wanted the reassurance that their operating systems werent exposed to threats and risks posed by hackers.

Most e-commerce businesses are unaware that their websites are not totally secure. Unsecure e-commerce websites are at risk from common threats such as:-

  • DoS attacks which can prevent access of authorised users to a website. This forces the site to offer a reduced level of service or, in some cases, ceases operation completely.
  • Hackers gaining access to sensitive data such as price lists, catalogues and valuable intellectual property, and altering, destroying or copying it.
  • Hackers altering your website, thereby damaging your brand or even redirecting your customers to another site.
  • Hackers gaining access to financial information about your business or your customers.
  • Hackers using viruses to corrupt your business data.

All of these risks can have a significant impact on a business including financial loss, loss of market share and customer confidence in a brand. With its prestigious products and clientele, Lovely Bubbly could not afford to be in a position where their brand could be threatened.