Utilitiesin1.com combines bills into single monthly direct debit payments for each occupant of a property. Each occupant can track their own personal spend online through itemised bills and receive a text or email reminder five days before each payment.

The system also shows the entire spend for the household, saving hassle and money.



As an online business dealing with household utility bills, Utilitiesin1 required a brand that would be both respected by their peers and remembered by their target audience.

Due to the nature of their business they required credibility from their inception and it was essential to create a brand that would instantly appeal to their student target audience.

Following a number of focus groups AYO Media was able to deliver a brand that satisfied all parties concerned and translated seamless between online and offline media. 

Web Application


AYO Media analysed the business process end-to-end before designing and implementing a highly robust solution, specifically designed for the utilitiesin1.com's core audience.

The solution was delivered after a 4 month period and successful launch at the beginning of August 2009. The site includes the integration of multiple 3rd party services, as well as a number of dedicated internal services that constantly monitor the status of the application and its users.

Following the launch, further phases of development have also been planned and further integration with other communication platforms are due to follow.

We were instantly impressed by AYO Media's enthusiasm to get completely involved with the project and their dedication towards fully understanding the business. AYO Media delivered far and above our expectations for the project and truly helped to make Utilitiesin1.com the business it is today.


Andie Stokoe Managing Director