Susie Cornfield


Susie Cornfield


Susie Cornfield wanted to be a writer for as long as she could remember. She became a journalist for the Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph Magazine and also wrote documentaries for BBC TV before becoming a TV presenter/producer for United Artists.

Research for one of her TV programmes led to her first book “The Queen’s Prize” which subsequently led to Susie setting up her own publishing house.

Web Development

AYO Media was approached by Susie Cornfield to develop a website from which she could advertise and sell her books.

Apart from offering website development, AYO Media also built a simple CMS allowing Susie to manage the imagery and content on her site and keep her fans updated on developments and future Susie Cornfield titles.

Efficient and speedy, without affecting quality, friendly and professional and perhaps slightly off-the-wall, AYO Media suited me brilliantly. I’m thrilled with my website and the after-care service I get. Thank you.

Susie Cornfield Writer