Pumphreys Coffee


Pumphreys Coffee


Newcastle-based Pumphreys Coffee is one of the UK’s longest established coffee suppliers. Created in 1750, Pumphrey’s provides premium tea and coffee to both the catering market and the general public. The company is family-ran, with Directors Stuart Archer (Snr) and Malcolm Archer having over 35 years experience in the coffee industry.

Pumphrey’s is renewed for the high quality of its products and the traditional methods of roasting coffee beans which ensures an outstanding flavour. 



Pumphreys Coffee approached AYO Media to replace their existing website with a more functional and user experience-focused solution. AYO Media assisted in identifying key areas which needed improvement, namely the speed of the ordering process, the number of delivery options, dispatch emails and the general website design.

AYO Media has been working closely with Pumphrey’s throughout the entire project, ensuring it fully understood the client’s business processes. The result is a fully customised ecommerce platform with a custom-built CMS which helps effectively manage the extensive catalogue of Pumphrey’s products

The technical challenge for Pumphreys was the complexity of the business process, product management, mapping the rules for all of the delivery companies and charges relate to volumetric weight. This project pushed the boundaries of our eCommerce platform and proved to be a very successful system.

Kevin Reece Technical Director