Imagine Company


Imagine Company


Following a recommendation, Danielle Dunn of Fresh Deli, approached AYO Media to help her launch her new business ‘Imagine Company’. AYO Media worked with Danielle to identify her target audience and design a brand along with a website to satisfy her requirements.

The site provided a wealth of information on services and workshops conducted by Imagine.

Web Development

Following the success of Fresh Deli, Danielle decided to use the knowledge and skills she had developed within the cosmetics industry to help other young entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

A clean website was required to successfully promote the brand online and introduce new and potential clients to the business.

The role of AYO Media was to identify a brand that would appeal to future customers and use this to develop a web platform that would support the content that Imagine wished to present.

A number of unique and different designs were presented for the logo, before finally choosing one that truly reflected the business. Following this a website was designed that took strong influence from the shape and design of the logo.

Working with AYO Media is a unique experience! The team have a clear understanding of Imagine and our requirements as a brand consultancy business. The results will endeavour to promote a lasting personalised relationship which will keep us at the forefront of design.

Danielle Dunn Managing Director