Harlands, one of the North East’s leading accountancy firms approached AYO Media to design and build a system to put their acquisition process online.

Web Application

Harlands were looking to explore how having the whole acquisition process online and integrated with their in-house systems would benefit their business. The objective of this exercise was to reduce the cost to serve and to also provide Harlands’ clients with instant information on their acquisition or company buy-out.

Harlands also required a brand along with the bespoke web based software to integrate with their current systems. It was essential that the site was secure as extremely sensitive data would be published on the system for the parties involved to view.

By working with Harlands, AYO Media were able to gain a huge insight into how the financial sector works with organisations looking to sell their businesses. This worked well with knowledge previously acquired through working within the financial sector.

Rob Mathieson Managing Director