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Buymycurrency is a web application which allows individuals to buy and sell currency at the rates they desire. This platform enables both buyers and sellers to get a better rate compared to the high street. 


As a new business start up the team at Buymycurrency required a brand which was highly appealing and could translate across multiple media.

Due to the nature of the business, both the site and the brand had to be professional. Individuals visiting the site needed to feel confident in the platform and the service provided as money would be changing hands at a high frequency.

Web Application

In Nov 2009 it was reported that British holidaymakers returned home with £1.78bn worth of unspent foreign currency. As many as 8% gave their unspent money away - with 3% donating it to charity and 5% to friends. While 1% wait for favourable exchange rates before converting their money to sterling, 3% do nothing with it, thus leading to a total of £29.8 million going to waste.

The Buy My Currency platform genuinely provides a win-win scenario for both the buyer and seller.

Buymycurrency commissioned AYO Media to build a platform for the general public, enabling them to trade in currencies which they required for or had surplus from holidays or overseas business trips. The web application allows the Buy My Currency team to monitor the high street exchange rates and provide their users with competitive options to either buy or sell currency with. Users can also monitor their activity and history of transactions via their account which has an interface not too dissimilar to that of an online banking system.

Buymycurrency was launched in June 2011 and already has future development planned to deliver even more currencies following the success of the platform on initial trading with pounds, euros and dollars.

We approached AYO Media following numerous unsuccessful attempts to find a digital agency capable of delivering our vision.

We had spent some time researching the travel industry and had personal experiences of trading currency for holidays and business trips but never at a rate which we were happy with, this gave us the idea of providing an online service to rival the buy and sell rates of high street shop such as Thomas Cook and Travelex. AYO Media brought our vision to life allowing everyone to buy and sell currency at a rate favourable to them, a win-win scenario for both the buyer and seller.”

Chris Nye Founding Partner