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AAF International


After a series of meetings AAF Ltd, a leading worldwide manufacturer of commercial filtration products contracted AYO Media to design and develop a custom intranet for their specialist sales and quotation team.

This system would help to streamline their workforce, ensuring the latest product information was available and minimise risk across international markets.

Web Application

The Cramlington office requested the assistance of AYO Media to implement a solution which would help improve their business process and provide their staff with high quality, reliable and accurate data. Issues around data duplication, currency exchange rates and knowledge sharing were proving to be a constant challenge to their business. By identifying the key factors influencing these problems and consolidating their work flow, the system would allow considerable improvements within the effectiveness of the team.

AYO Media's web development team spent a considerable amount of time understanding the AAF process, identifying which areas needed improvement and then mapping out a solution. By working closely with the client it was possible to wireframe and prototype a web-based solution which enabled AAF to view and experiment with the proposed system. Once this task was complete, the business model was converted into a fully capable application which was then deployed into a web-environment.

In February 2009 the first release of the web application was deployed to the AYO Hosting solution. AYO Media are now working closely with AAF to extensively develop the product further, whilst also assisting with other internal software solutions.

From its world headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, AAF maintains operations in 22 countries with more than 2,600 employees worldwide and has sales offices in 260 locations. AAF is supported in its international ventures through the resources of its parent company OYL Industries Berhad, based in Malaysia. OYL, in turn, is owned by Daikin Industries, Ltd., Osaka, Japan, a diversified international manufacturing company and a global leader in air conditioning.

AAF are now operating the software inside of our UK business and are in the process of rolling out the system across our worldwide offices. It is our opinion that AYO Media provided a highly professional service.

James Ross Aftermarket Business Manager