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AYO raises The Barre


Today sees the launch of ‘The Barre’ website, a sleek and sexy online offering which mirrors the innovative body sculpting, fat burning workout itself.

This revolutionary method which combines pilates and dance with resistance training was brought to the UK by Natalie Catlah, who is one of the three founders of The Barre. Previously Natalie worked as a dancer and choreographer’s assistant in America, covering the East to the West coast, working in New York and Las Vegas to eventually teaching her own class in one of Los Angeles most prestigious pilates studios.

The name “The Barre” derives from the rail used during ballet warm up exercises and the term also refers to the exercises that are performed at the barré. However, don’t let the origin of the name delude you with visions of an easy routine exercise class; The Barre workout is here to seriously improve your body!

Visit www.the-barre.com to find out how!

The Barre approached AYO Media to deliver the website and the branding for their new business. The website was required to provide a level of interaction between The Barre and their customers, informing them of classes, special offers and allowing them to book online via an integrated booking system.

AYO Media delivered an online solution where expectations were met and often exceeded as a result of the collaborative journey.

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