ruMAD Screen shot




ruMAD2, which stands for ‘Are you Making a Difference’, is a joint project between Newcastle and Sunderland councils, developed for schools and education professionals within the North East region. ruMad2 creators, Helen Walker (Newcastle Council) and Elaine Drainville (Sunderland Council), wanted to develop a tool which helps teachers communicate with the pupils, while increasing their self-esteem and understanding of the syllabus.

ruMAD2 aims to engage each pupil directly with the topic and develop motivation, optimism and resilience in the children. 

Web Development

Helen and Elaine approached Keltie Cochrane and AYO Media to develop a website which would provide a high level of interaction between ruMad2 and its users, allowing them to watch films, access information packs and interact with other users online.  AYO Media’s web development team delivered a bespoke online solution, fully customised to the clients’ needs.  A custom-built CMS allows Helen and Elaine to manage the content of the website, allowing for them to control the content being published.

"Working with AYO Media was a breeze, they built exactly what we needed, pixel-perfect, to the specification that was agreed"

Jason Cochrane Director